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Printmaking Paper

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In preparation for my buzzard linoprints, Alex began to research mulberry paper. He found a 2 pc. Wenzhou Xuan Rice Paper Mulberry Roll for 42.99 from an ebay seller. I generally order printmaking paper from "Mr. Art", but decided to try something different.

The paper arrived last week, and it is very soft and fine. I cut it into 22 x 44" pieces. Alex began to experiment with the paper while I was at work. I had previously used mulberry paper for a woodcut of a passion flower. When the ink dried, it had shrunk, causing a "puckering" of the paper. Alex thought that wetting the paper might help to avoid this issue.

Alex held a piece of paper in the shower, but it began to fall apart. So, we tried a different approach. I sprayed the next piece with water, and then let it dry completely, laying flat on a table in my studio. Then, I took it inside to iron it with a cool iron, like a fine piece of fabric. This left a presentable piece of paper, ready for printing.

Then, Alex decided to coat the paper with Water Lox Original Sealer. He buys this by the gallon, and uses it for many of his woodworking projects, including frames for both my prints, and his photographs. He put together a piece of chicken wire balanced on saw horses, to support the paper while we painted on the Water Lox. At this point, there was the possiblity of rain, and I took the operation into the barn, and hung the paper up to dry in my studio.

Alex also tried coating the paper with linseed oil, but the drying time was much longer, and I did not find it appropriate for my current project.

I now have 5 pieces of the waterlox paper hanging and ready to go!


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